Phillies ace Cole Hamels left today’s game in the top of the fourth inning after being hit in his left pitching arm on a line drive by Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder.

Okay, it might not be so bad. Not all of the information is in yet. Tom McCarthy reported on the broadcast that Hamels left with a “left shoulder contusion.” He could be back in time to make his next start, who knows?

But the inner pessimist in me wants to assume that Hamels has a broken humerus and he’s out for the season. Or he was subject to a stiff wind that contained a bit of smog from a coal factory that traveled all the way over from Pittsburgh, and now he has black lung. Either way, the season is over. Fold up the tent and wait for next year.

The Mets are just too good this season to be caught. Want proof? Look at how great their left fielder is defensively.

Daniel Murphy failing at defense

(from The Good Phight via Back She Goes)

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