BDD: What’s Brett Doing Wrong?

At Baseball Daily Digest, I dig into the Pitch F/X data and try to find out Brett’s secrets to success and failure.

You hear it a lot from broadcasters and coaches, that a pitcher will lose confidence in his fastball but that appears to be the case with Myers. He had plenty of confidence in a slightly inferior fastball last year and felt comfortable throwing it in the strike zone. He has almost no confidence in a slightly better fastball this year. I noted as much in my April 6 article on the Opening Night game.

What’s even more baffling is that he has gone away from arguably his best pitch — his curveball. Of his 114 pitches against the Mets, 43 of them were curveballs (38%). Of his 93 pitches against the Braves, 18 of them were curveballs (19%). So he threw them twice as frequently against the Mets than he did against the Braves. Instead, Myers relied on his slider.

While he never got burned with his slider on Sunday, Myers would be going away from a strength if he were to replace, so to speak, his curveball with his slider.

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