BDD: Analyzing the Opener

At Baseball Daily Digest, I’ve analyzed in great detail the Opening Day — err, Night — game between the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies.

Slider, slider, slider. That was Derek Lowe’s mantra when he faced left-handers. Of the 53 pitches Lowe threw to left-handers, 22 of them were sliders (41.5%), 14 were sinkers (26.4%), 14 were fastballs (26.4%), 2 were curveballs (3.8%), and 1 was a change-up (2%).


Myers threw a curveball in 11 different at-bats and 18 total. Six were taken for balls, six were strikes (4 swinging, 2 called), four were fouled off, and two were hit but were ground outs. Perhaps if Myers had used his curveball as a proxy for a change-up, he might have enjoyed more success.

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