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  1. ShooterB

    April 03, 2009 12:33 PM

    The sun was in their eyes or something.

    To make it worse, even though it was split squad…this game had most of their future big name prospects playing – Andrew McCutchen, Neil Walker, Bixler, Pearce, Tabata. I guess that says something when the future of your franchise can’t even beat a Community College team.

    Oh Henry Henry!

    On another note, I also think the Twins are going to take that division…and probably be the surprise story of the league this year. Although it could still be the Rockies & Indians in the World Series…right?

  2. Bill Baer

    April 03, 2009 06:22 PM

    I am not making that mistake again. I’m going with old reliable… a Red Sox/Yankees World Series. You can bet your bottom dollar on that one.

  3. dontdrinkthekoolaid

    April 04, 2009 08:14 PM

    The blue jays are actually a savvy pick for al east if the young arms respond. The plus is they have better offense than last year with a healthy Hill, Travis Snider, and hopefully a full season from Wells and better years from Rolen and Rios. The blue jays were 51-37 under cito gaston (93-69 over a whole season) with basically less offense than last year and the same pitching as this year except for burnett …the young arms have a great chance to do as well by mid season,,,, can u say Tampa Bay? .Burnett is long over due for elbow problems and there is major competition for the last 2-3 pitching spots on Jays if some young guns falter and they will still have best bullpen in baseball. McGowan has huge potential may well be back by mid season realistically and dont count out Shawn Marcum for Fall the bjs best pitcher (not Halliday) Yankees should be 5 games better…maybe ….but the division is really a toss up. Texeria and CC should more than offset ARODS problems but the rest of the line up has holes is aging and is overrated by NY media. I would actually take rod barajas over posada ie Jeter is great plater with lousy range and eroding skills. Boston and Tampa have not really improved. Penny may help Sox but there are many holes, Ortiz is a big question and Lowrie is not a championship shortstop and they are aging (Varatek and Lowell). Tampa will still compete but they havent improved much and keeping last years intensity may be hard with young team. You get can 50-1 odds vs bjs making playoffs. Bet a few hundred bucks if u have as the eastern elite will give u the sucker bet as they love to drink the Kool aid. Can’t gaurantee but better than giving your money to Bernie Madoff!!!

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