There Goes the Season

The glorious elbow of Colbert Hamels isn’t at 100%. Per Todd Zolecki on the Phillies’ official website:

The Phillies are calling the discomfort in Cole Hamels’ left elbow nothing more than a little soreness or tightness.

But whatever it is, it has been persistent, which is why Hamels will fly to Philadelphia on Monday night so team physician Michael Ciccotti can examine him Tuesday morning.

GM Ruben Amaro is keeping the public calm by playing it off as just a minor blip on the radar. Maybe it isn’t anything major. That doesn’t make me feel bad about my initial reaction to the news (NSFW):

The Phillies were extremely lucky last year in that they didn’t have to deal with too many injuries. Already this season, we’ve had surgeries performed on half the infield (Chase Utley and Pedro Feliz), Jayson Werth has had a few mystery ailments that ended up being related to his shoulder and groin, Chris Coste’s right hamdstring hasn’t been right, and Brad Lidge has been dealing with forearm tightness, and now Hamels.

The six added a total of over 23 wins last season (that would be 25% of their 92 wins) according to FanGraphs.

  • Chase Utley: 8.0 value wins
  • Jayson Werth: 5.2
  • Cole Hamels: 4.6
  • Brad Lidge: 2.2
  • Chris Coste: 1.6
  • Pedro Feliz: 1.5