BDD: Dream Draft, Round 7

Round 7 of the Dream Draft at Baseball Daily Digest is up, and Rounds 8, 9, and 10 should be up in the next three days as well. After all 10 rounds are posted, our thoughts on the entire draft will follow, make sure you stop by and catch up!

I may have already posted this, but here’s my entire team:

By Round:

1. Chase Utley
2. Russell Martin
3. Chad Billingsley
4. Matt Kemp
5. Mike Moustakas
6. Yunel Escobar
7. Carlos Marmol
8. Shane Victorino
9. Madison Bumgarner
10. Lars Anderson

By Position:

C: Russell Martin
1B: Lars Anderson
2B: Chase Utley
3B: Mike Moustakas
SS: Yunel Escobar
CF: Shane Victorino
RF: Matt Kemp
SP: Chad Billingsley, Madison Bumgarner
RP: Carlos Marmol

Additionally, on March 16, I will have a 2009 preview of the Florida Marlins posted at Baseball Digest Daily. On the 27th, I will preview the Los Angeles Dodgers, and on the 30th, I will preview the WFC Philadelphia Phillies.