BDD: Not So Funny Anymore

At Baseball Daily Digest, I’ve opined on the death of John Odom, a Minor League baseball player who was traded for ten baseball bats last season, then died of an overdose of multiple drugs several months later.

One of the more consistent lines of thought in moral theory is that an action is immoral if it causes some kind of unpleasantness for another person. I find it hard to believe that Calgary, which has claimed that the trade wasn’t made as a publicity stunt, thought that Odom would be met with nothing but positive and encouraging responses. The trade essentially said that Odom wasn’t worth another professional baseball player or even a medium-sized wad of cash; he was worth ten processed 34-inch-long pieces of wood.

Oftentimes it takes a tragedy for our error-prone ways to manifest. Dehumanizing athletes, who devote years to perfecting their craft, by trading them for next-to-nothing is a business practice that, hopefully, will now come to an end. It’s a shame it took the suicide of a multi-talented kid to reveal this to us.

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