A Not-So-Boring February Day

The Phillies kicked off the first of an exciting five-or-so weeks of exhibition games against the Pittsburgh Pirates yesterday. As expected, a lot of the regulars got some swings, throws, and jogs in before calling it a day, which eventually ended in an 8-2 loss. Newcomers Raul Ibanez and John Mayberry each had an RBI and Jeremy Slayden went 2-for-2 and scored a run. [Box Score]

Aside from the Phillies officially starting their quest as defending World Series champs, there were a lot of other games on the T.V. sets of Philly fans, as the Flyers played the Los Angeles Kings, the Sixers played the Wizards, and the Villanova Wildcats played the DePaul Blue Demons, and all of our guys walked off with victories.

The Sixers had been on a four-game losing streak since the second half of the season started. One loss came in knife-in-the-heart fashion, as Devin Harris threw a miracle shot in the air and sank a long three-pointer as time expired to put the Nets up 98-96. It’s at least the fourth time the Sixers have lost to a last-second shot:

  • January 3: Tony Parker two-pointer [Video]
  • January 19: Dirk Nowitzki two-pointer [Video]
  • February 3: Ray Allen three-pointer [Video]
  • February 23: Devin Harris three-pointer [Video]

I usually don’t care enough to write about the other Philly-based sports teams but it was quite a day… in that it wasn’t boring, and ended up being a rousing success. First time since WFC that I can say that.

Odds and Ends

  • There are still spots available for the Crashburn Alley fantasy baseball league. Two spots left. For information about the league and directions on how to sign up, click here.
  • For our Dream Draft at Baseball Daily Digest, we’re currently on Round 9 and should have another post up there shortly. Here’s my team so far (Round number in parentheses):
    • C: Russell Martin (2)
    • 2B: Chase Utley (1)
    • SS: Yunel Escobar (6)
    • 3B: Mike Moustakas (5)
    • CF: Shane Victorino (8)
    • RF: Matt Kemp (4)
    • SP: Chad Billingsley (3), Taylor Bumgarner (9)
    • RP: Carlos Marmol (7)
  • On Thursday, March 5 at 9 PM EST, you can catch me on the Pro Baseball Central radio show. This will be my third radio spot. Click here and here if you’d like to listen to my other two appearances with MetsToday.com and Drunk Jays Fans. Promise me you won’t laugh.

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  1. ShooterB

    February 26, 2009 03:40 PM

    Pirates crush the World champ Phils in Spring Training…which obviously means the Buccos are the team to beat in the NL. That’s right…the Pirates are back!

    Because sometimes it’s OK to pretend.

  2. ShooterB

    February 27, 2009 12:30 PM

    The Pirates have prospects?

    Hopefully they don’t destroy any more pitchers. One by one, they have a habit of taking their talented hurlers and turning them into Mayday Malone (see Zach Duke, Olly Perez, Ian Snell).

    But fortunately…they have a new pitching coach, so maybe those days are done.

    But if I had to pick, I’d say maybe they’ll bring up Pedro Alvarez too quick & throw his career off track. From early reports in Spring Training, it sounds like Pedro Alvarez hits the breaking ball about as well as Pedro Cerrano.

    Yes, making references to fictional baseball players is the only way I know how to describe the Pirates.

  3. Bill Baer

    February 27, 2009 01:49 PM

    Not every day you see a Cheers and a Major League character mentioned in the same breath.

    What about Andrew McCutchen? Maybe they tell him that to improve his game, he should consume a lot of mercury. I don’t think that’d be out of line with Pirates policy.

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