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If you’ve been following news in the Philadelphia area lately, Coatesville (a city in Chester County) has been under siege. Arsonists have been lighting the place up for about a year now.


On Monday, Coatesville was under a state of emergency. The feds were called in and people were, in one woman’s words, “talking about taking up arms.

There’ve been 14 arsons this year and 15 last year. The most recent, this past weekend, spread to 15 row homes.

Many are without homes and have nothing but the clothes on their back. They are relying on the generosity of others to help them through this trying time.

With many thanks to CalvinBall, a poster at the Phillies forum Back She Goes, I am presenting pertinent information should you feel generous enough to make a donation to aid these families who have fallen victim to these senseless acts.

Click here to read all of the information in full.

If you want to give money, you can write a tax deductible check to CCGM (the ministry that is over Camp Old Mill, and partnered with the Bridge Academy and Community Center in Coatesville). Write ‘Fire Release’ in the memo. Every cent will go towards these families. It will mostly be buying gift cards, but will vary if their needs require something else. If you would rather just get a gift card and send it, you can do that as well. Anything will help!

County Corrections Gospel Mission

PO Box 1136

Coatesville, Pa 19320

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