Credit Where Credit Is Due [Updated!]

If you’ve kept up with this blog with any frequency, it’s no secret to you that I do not have a warm place in my heart for new Phillies GM Ruben Amaro, and that’s justifiable given the head-scratching deals he’s made. You know, like losing two first-round draft picks, not upgrading defensively, and downgrading offensively by replacing Pat Burrell with Raul Ibanez.

Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr.

However, I have to give the man props. Heading into arbitration with eight players, he could have been taken to the cleaners, but, being proactive, he wouldn’t let that happen… at least not yet.

Greg Dobbs signed a two-year deal worth $2.25 million. According to FanGraphs player valuations, Dobbs has been worth nearly $9.5 million the last two seasons combined. As a left-handed hitter who can play all four corner infield and outfield positions, he is a critical piece of the Phillies’ puzzle.

The big news is that Amaro got Cole Hamels to agree to a three-year deal. Hamels was a concern given that he was insulted last off-season. With this extension, he’ll earn $20.5 million through 2011.

FanGraphs player valuations cite Hamels as being worth $9.5 million in ’06, $15.5 million in ’07, and $20.6 million in ’08.

Both deals, relative to the valuations, show Amaro significantly benefiting from both deals.

Bravo, Ruben.

UPDATE, 1/19/09: Phils, Madson agree to three-year extension.

The deal, which is pending a physical exam, is believed to be for $12 million, with incentives.

FanGraphs values Madson the past three seasons at about $11 million. Mad Dog made huge strides last season, increasing his velocity (and subsequently his strikeout rate) and lowering his walk rate. With a 3.05 ERA the past two seasons, he’s become the Phillies’ go-to guy before Brad Lidge.

Amaro strikes again. Three-for-three with his attempts to avoid arbitration, and he’s taken care of three of the eight arbitration-eligible Phillies.

UPDATE (just for consistency):

  • Jayson Werth, Chad Durbin avoid arbitration [Delco Times]
  • So does Joe Blanton []
  • And Shane Victorino [KHNL]

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  1. Matt

    January 19, 2009 07:48 PM

    Agreed. Ruben’s tenure started off in underwhelming style, but his management of these arbitration eligible players shows that Ruben may be more up to the task than we thought.

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