My Newspaper Column on Donovan McNabb

From time to time when baseball isn’t entirely on my mind, I look at the NFL. I’m as surprised as you are. As such, I formulated opinions on the whole McNabb saga that seems to be coming to an end here in Philadelphia. The Delaware County Daily Times thought enough of my opinion to publish it in a newspaper, infecting the minds of thousands of readers.

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McNabb article

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  1. MoonDog

    December 03, 2008 07:12 PM

    Nicely done. As a lifelong Cowboy fan whose job description contains the mandatory hatred of every team in the NFC East, I can look upon the Eagles situation and smile.

    All good things come to an end, and in this case, it’s McNabb’s days in Philadelphia as you so adroitly pointed out.

    The organization hasn’t put the necessary pieces around McNabb for several years, at least since the whole T.O. issue exploded.

    I don’t care how good the quarterback is, if there aren’t playmakers surrounding him, he isn’t going to do you much good. The Eagles simply haven’t drafted the type of players needed to help McNabb.

    As the season wears on, the hits add up and the pain increases. Thus, McNabb becomes less mobile and even less likely to make the plays needed to win games.

    I know Eagles fans are upset with him, but their ire should really be directed to the front office for not drafting the players every team in the NFL needs to be successful.

  2. Tracer Bullet

    December 03, 2008 07:51 PM

    Eagles fans with brains put this season on Reid, not McNabb. Eagles fans without brains listen to WIP.

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