World Series Game 2 Liveblog at BDD!

At Baseball Digest Daily:

Join Joe Hamrahi, Eric SanInoncencio, Bill Baer, Rob McQuown, Michael Street, Brandon Heikoop (maybe!) and [Brian Joseph] who will all plan to join the live blog tonight for Game 2 of the ‘08 World Series between the Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies.

The Live Blog kicks off roughly 45 minutes before first pitch at 7:45 PM.  Be there for all the insights from the team and expect commentary and additional facts and stats to enhance your viewing plus the team’s baseball expertise (although it’s doubtful anyone can hold a candle to Tim McCarver’s wittiness.).

I’ve done a couple liveblogs here at Crashburn Alley, but it’ll be fun to liveblog with other people during one of the most important and exciting games of the season. Instead of letting Joe Buck and Tim McCarver drone on and on and pseudo-analyze the game so pathetically, why not tune in to our liveblog and get some real analysis?

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