One Step Below the Nobel

While I’m loath to link to my pre-season predictions for the 2008 baseball season, I need to do so to cite some relevant quotes. You see, the Detroit Tigers were being hyped a lot prior to the season because of the acquisition of both Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis. Many thought that the offense would be legendary, capable of scoring more than 1,000 total runs. I didn’t buy it, and I clashed with the author, and friend of the blog, of Moondog Sports.

If you scroll down to the comments, you’ll see a conversation between us that went like this:

Moondog Sports: If Detroit can maintain a decent rotation and bullpen, they’ll probably score about 17,000 runs with that lineup. This may be the best lineup I’ve ever seen.

Crashburn Alley: The Tigers’ lineup is overrated. They’ll be #1 or 2 offensively, but they won’t score 1,000 runs. They’ll score 950 at best… you heard it here first. Their pitching is hopelessly mediocre though. You have Verlander and ?. Bunch of league-average or worse pitchers.

Moondog: OK, tell you what. The Tigers score 1,000 runs this season. If they don’t, I’ll link to the Huffington Post.

If they do, you have to link to Bill O’Reilly.

What say you?

Crashburn: I’ll easily take that wager. But I don’t care much for the HuffPo anymore, I don’t think I’ve been there in a few months. Hmm… how about the loser has to write a complimentary piece about the other’s blog, minimum 500 words?

Moondog: Agreed.

And so the prolific clash of the titans began. I was right about them failing to score 1,000 runs (they scored 821) which was all that mattered, but I was wrong about them being “#1 or 2 offensively” (they were #4).

Moondog, as a man of his word, has written that complimentary piece about me and my blog over at Moondog Sports. Click here to read it.

Yeah, you guys don’t want to go against me when it comes to baseball. I’m all-knowing and all-powerful. What’s that? Oh, I predicted a Rockies-Indians World Series just for kicks. It’s not like I actually thought those two teams would be good.

Ahem. Oh, I picked Clint Hurdle for NL Manager of the Year? Joke. It was a joke. So was picking Aaron Harang for the NL Cy Young.

Hey, to be fair, I was pretty spot-on with my “Most Overrated” picks, and I called the great season from Brad Lidge and the breakout season from Andre Ethier. This back needs some patting.

I didn’t say this, did I?

Eric Gagne should be great for them so long as he stays healthy.

I did. Is that grounds for automatic expulsion from the blogosphere?

Stay tuned for next year’s predictions!

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  1. ShooterB

    September 30, 2008 12:16 PM

    I rather enjoy the new style of blog wagering (blogamble?). I just lost one recently in the Eagles/Cowboys game, and had to write a blog about the dreaded Cowboys.

    I’ll have to check out MoonDog’s post. I would have liked to see you wager a Bill O’Reilly link though. That would hurt!

    I believe I picked the Tigers to win the division, so it’s a good thing I didn’t make such a bet. I thought the offense would be better, obviously. But what really got me was the pitching. I figured Dontrelle would be dead weight, but for some reason I though Verlander and Bonderman would have about 30 combined wins. They had 14, and unfortunately there are no mulligans in baseball.

    I’ll have take credit for my Gagne assessment though. Immediately after they inked him, somewhere out there I said that the Brewers just threw $10 million down the crapper.

  2. MoonDog

    September 30, 2008 11:55 PM

    I should have checked Nostradamus’ Prophecies prior to placing the wager. Surely he would have noted the Tigers wouldn’t score 1000 runs this season.

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