Joe Scarborough Attacks Bloggers

We have Marcus Hayes, Bill Conlin, Bob Costas, and Buzz Bissinger on a long list of mainstream media personalities attacking bloggers. Now we can add MSNBC talking head Joe Scarborough.

Crooks and Liars:

Joe Scarborough denies he was talking about his colleague Keith Olbermann when he referred to a pundit who “ignorantly” reported on McCain’s Anbar gaffe […]

“I was talking about someone on another network. […] But again, you know the problem is when you’re in the basement and you’re blogging and you’re eating Cheetos, sometimes the Cheetos dust goes up, ya know, and you get two choices: You can either keep typing, or you can stop for a second and wipe the Cheetos off your chest, clear out your ears and take a closer listen. But they don’t do that. And therein lies the problem with the ‘Cheetos Brigade.’”

Why can’t the mainstream media at least be creative when they talk about blogger stereotypes? They always characterize bloggers as ugly, fat, lazy, unprofessional losers with poor hygiene who sit in front of their computer in their underpants. While I may be ugly and lazy, I’m not fat and unprofessional, I have never blogged in my underpants, and I have adequate hygiene habits!

Have you ever noticed that bloggers haven’t stereotyped the MSM in the same way? We could easily say that the MSM are makeup-wearing paper-chasers in empty suits and power ties, but we wouldn’t want to stoop down to their level, now would we? Of course not.

What Joe doesn’t get is that mistakes aren’t unique to bloggers; the MSM makes mistakes all the time. Bill O’Reilly got the facts wrong about the Malmedy massacre. The entire FOX News Channel is a giant mistake, in fact. ESPN personalities routinely spout falsehoods.

While the MSM berates bloggers for posting pictures of Matt Leinart in a hot tub with four attractive women, ESPN is practically stalking Brett Favre in the wake of his un-retirement: They talk about what he’s writing in text messages and who he’s been calling with his cell phone. Maybe Media Matters would be up for logging all of the pointless Brett Favre gossip that’s been shown on ESPN in the last month, the way they have logged the poor journalism displayed by other TV channels.

As much as the MSM fights bloggers, the only thing they end up revealing is their own hypocrisy. There is not one criticism that can be made of bloggers that cannot also be made of the MSM. It’s depressing that this still needs to be pointed out.

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  1. Mac G

    July 25, 2008 12:18 PM

    I could not agree more. I watched some McCain backer last night blame bloggers for exposing one of the daily McCain campaign screw ups.

    “It is the bloggers fault” is some talking point for MSM to use with a broad brush to cast everyone in a bad light or belittle what those evil bloggers do.

    Commenters can disagree with my posts or they can go to other blogs. We are held accountable in those ways.

    When are the MSM held accountable for anything they say ever?

    All of them were dead wrong on what would happen if we invaded Iraq but now we are supposed to listen to their “opinions” on the Iraq debacle like they are credible? Pathetic.

    The Cup of Joe show is an awful program with crappy ratings. I am Packer fan who wants Favre back but I can not even stand the Favre coverage anymore. Titletown and how is Favre feeling today has dominated ESPN. Complete garbage. Great post.

  2. Tracer Bullet

    July 25, 2008 12:30 PM

    Meh. Consider the source. I’ll take it from Costas, Conlin and Bissinger because at least they’re serious journalists. But I care more about the World Cup (when is that again?) than Joe Scarbourgh cares about accurate journalism. Or journalism at all. He’s not even a journalist. He was, as he proudly puts it, a “Republican thug” voted into Congress along with the rest of Gingrich’s bullies. He’s only on TV because he’s relatively attractive — for a beady-eyed white dude — and lacks a sense of shame or proportion.

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  4. ShooterB

    July 28, 2008 03:40 PM

    Someone like Scarborough accusing others (bloggers) of not listening? That’s rich.

    Attacking bloggers is one thing, but bringing Cheetos into the discussion was completely uncalled for. I hope Chester Cheetah haunts his dreams for eternity.

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