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Don’t Feel Sorry for Caleb Campbell

So, everyone’s talking about Caleb Campbell, a draft pick of the Detroit Lions. Per Yahoo! News per the Associated Press:

Campbell was a seventh-round draft pick for the Lions in April. At the time, Army policy would have allowed the West Point graduate to serve as a recruiter if he made the team.

But a subsequent Department of Defense policy has superseded the 2005 Army policy.

In a letter to Lions president Matt Millen dated Wednesday, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Jonathan P. Liba wrote that Campbell has been ordered to give up professional football for “full-time traditional military duties.”

Caleb CampbellThis will probably become a hot topic for the next few days or so and a lot of anti-war people will be crying for him, but just so everyone knows, Campbell deserves not a single ounce of your sympathy for not being able to pursue a professional football career. Why is that? He signed up for military service of his own volition. He was not coerced into anything, and he signed the paperwork.

I’m as anti-war and against this current U.S. government as any liberal, but this isn’t an example of corruption, or war-mongering, or a desperate grab for warm bodies to throw into the Middle East. This shouldn’t even be a story, but it’s topical and somewhat controversial, and — hey, he’s a football player too. So there you have it.

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