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Quick Thoughts on the All-Star Game

Before I start, I’ll just throw out there that I didn’t even watch most of the game. I caught bits and pieces of the 9th-15th innings and I think I may have only caught a full inning just once in the 10th. So what I’m opining on is basically what I’ve heard and the little that I saw.

Scott Kazmir threw 104 pitches two days ago and was essentially viewed as ineligible to pitch going into the game. However, because the game went on so long, Kazmir was the only pitcher left. AL manager Terry Francona summoned him in the 15th inning and, thankfully, Kazmir was not injured and pitched a scoreless inning, allowing only one walk.

Rays fans and everyone in the Rays’ front office were holding their breath with every Kazmir pitch. Rightfully so.

The latest extra-inning All-Star Game debacle has brought front and center a somewhat pressing need to modify the mid-summer classic. Pitchers are just too valuable to be used frivolously in an exhibition, especially by managers of a contending rival team (not to insinuate that Francona would intentionally use Kazmir in a way that would put him at a huge risk).

Here are my ideas to make the game fun and safe for all.

That’s all I have for now. If you have any additional ideas, go ahead and list ’em in the comments, or you can rip mine apart instead.