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It’s On Now!

Fred of Moondog Sports and I have made a friendly wager on the upcoming baseball season. He thinks the Detroit Tigers will score 1,000 runs or more, and I, feeling the Tigers to be overrated, think they will score no more 950 (only about 5% less, however). Fred originally wanted me to link to Bill O’Reilly’s website in my blogroll if I lost, and he’d link to The Huffington Post if he lost. I’m not too fond of The Huffington Post anymore, not for any particular reason other than general disinterest (since everyone is talking only about the upcoming Presidential election), so I offered a new slant on the wager: the loser has to wrote a blog entry of at least 500 words complimenting the winner and his blog. Fred accepted, and now it’s on. May the loser satiate the winner’s ego.

You can catch all of my 2008 MLB Predictions here, and if you’d like to set a friendly wager as well, leave a comment here, send me an E-mail (crashburnalley [at] gmail [dot] com), or an AOL Instant Message.