Announcement about the Future of Crashburn Alley

The Phillies are on the verge of completing a cycle of disappointment that started in October 2011. Throughout the Phillies’ tough rebuild and the glory years that preceded it, Crashburn Alley has been a stalwart of the Phillies community. Unfortunately I have not had the time to continue the legacy put forward by years of excellence. After speaking with Bill Baer, we have decided that Crashburn Alley will be coming to an end this summer.

Looking back on the history of the site, it is hard not see its impact on baseball as a whole. The alumni of this site are full time writers, analysts, and employees of major league teams. It has been an honor to run Crashburn the past year and a half, and I am thankful to Bill for giving me the opportunity and to Eric Chesterton for reaching out to me to take his place. I must thank former writers and editors who have been great sounding boards and fonts of advice and guidance. Additionally, I would like to thank the current writers for a fun time here, and for their insight and willingness to jump onto difficult and interesting topics. Lastly, a big thanks to the readers and the community here, as well as all of you who donated last summer to keep it running.

Bill asked me to include his final thanks and thoughts on the end of the site

Thank you for the support through the years. It has been rewarding to have seen so many talented people use Crashburn Alley as a launching pad for their careers. I learned so much not just from the writers but by the readers as well. Crashburn Alley was a tremendous source of pride for me, which is why I’m so sad to shut it down. But given the circumstances, it just makes sense. Perhaps some day it’ll come back again. In the meantime, please continue to support the writers elsewhere.Bill Baer

Going forward Bill will be keeping the website name, and I will be working on creating an archive of the writing that will continue to be accessible. As for where to continue to find good writing, here is where you can find the work of notable former writers.

Bill Baer – Hardball Talk

Michael Baumann – The Ringer

Paul Boye – The Good Phight (also their twitter account)

Corrine Landry – Philadelphia Phillies

Spencer Bingol – Boston Red Sox

Eric Chesterton – Cut4

Eric Longenhagen – Fangraphs

Ben Harris – The Athletic

You can also follow the current writers on twitter: Brad Engler, Adam Dembowitz, Michael Schickling, Tim Guenther, and myself

Once again thank you all for reading this site.

Zach Eflin has Changed His Profile

The Phillies best starting pitcher over the past month has been Zach Eflin. This is not the first time Eflin has gone on a dominant run, but he is doing something much different this time, actually striking batters out. Now Eflin has always had pedigree, he was a former 1st round pick traded in a high profile trade, and always rated fairly well as a prospect. He was supposed to have a good changeup, and always showed solid control. Eflin flopped in his first trip to the majors after a hot start, and had offseason knee surgery. He came back with increased velocity in 2017, but still struggled because he had no ways to miss bats. Continue reading…

Phillies Using 40 Man Roster As Bullpen

The Phillies’ 40 man roster is full of pitchers, a fact that becomes very clear they have any hitting injuries. Some of the pitchers on the 40 man roster (Drew Anderson, Franklyn Kilome, Jose Taveras, and Ranger Suarez) are prospects in development, and others like Ben Lively are rotation depth. The rest of the roster is relievers stuck in the process of trying to be major leaguers. In this era of baseball teams have used those pitchers as a taxi squad of sorts. The Phillies to open the year mostly stuck with their opening bullpen, only making changes when injuries demanded it. In the past week they have made the following moves.

  • RHP Luis Garcia to 10 day DL
  • Mark Leiter Jr to AAA
  • Jake Thompson to MLB
  • Yacksel Rios to MLB
  • Hector Neris to AAA
  • Austin Davis to MLB
  • Jake Thompson to AAA
  • Zac Curtis to MLB

Continue reading…

Phillies Sign Alec Bohm and Many Others

With the current era of draft slots, the odds of a team taking a player in the top 10 rounds of the draft without signing them is extremely low. So it is not surprising that at just about a week after the draft the Phillies were able to lock up #3 overall pick Alec Bohm to a deal (as well as 19 other draftees). It is also not surprising that that the Phillies signed 6th round pick Logan Simmons, nor will it be surprising when the Phillies officially sign 9th round Dominic Pipkin. The real question was after the Phillies took Pipkin in the 9th round, how much money would they have to spend on later picks. After the Phillies took Stetson RHP Jack Perkins in the 11th it seemed they may have been out of money after likely having to give overslot bonuses to Pipkin and Simmons. Continue reading…

The Kingery Shortstop Dilemma

Last week Matt Gelb wrote about the difficulty the Phillies are facing with trying to compete and trying to develop their young players. There is no player at the center of this more than Scott Kingery. Coming into the year, Kingery didn’t look entirely major league ready. He was coming off a strong spring, but his AAA numbers were not great, especially with regard to his approach at the plate. Despite this, the Phillies saw enough upside to sign him a large contract and send him right to the majors.

The problem was and has been that Scott Kingery is a second baseman and the Phillies already have a solid second baseman. The Phillies have tried to deal with this by shoehorning Kingery in at other positions. Kingery can play a competent outfield, but outside of the Rhys Hoskins’ brief 10 day trip to the DL the Phillies have had 4 outfielders they all want to get playing time. That leaves shortstop and third base. At shortstop the Phillies have another top prospect in J.P. Crawford who is known for his glove, and at third they have a former top prospect in Maikel Franco who the Phillies would like to see improve. When Crawford was out with an arm injury, this all made some sense because the Phillies didn’t have another shortstop and it got Kingery’s bat in the lineup for development. Continue reading…

Crash Bag #8: Mini Post-Draft Crash Bag

The MLB Draft happened this week, so without time for a massive mailbag you all answered the call for a few good questions.

@Lead_FarmerSD: Is Bohm the safest first round pick the Phillies have made since Nola?

The answer is yes and it isn’t particularly close, but that is boring, so I decided to rank the safeness of Phillies 1st round picks back to 2000 when the Phillies took Chase Utley. These are at the time of the draft, and I am going safe as safest to be an everyday major leaguer. Continue reading…

Phillies 2018 Draft Day 2 Recap

Today was the second day of the 2018 MLB Draft. Picks today covered rounds 3 to 10. The Phillies did not have a second or third round pick, so they went from pick 3 until pick 107 waiting for things to happen. I wrote about much of my own thoughts on the Phillies picks here, but I wanted to take this time to see what how the Phillies picks related to what the internet had to say and rank coming in. Continue reading…

Phillies Select Alec Bohm with the #3 Overall Pick

After 24 hours of speculation and some hope around Casey Mize sliding to the #3 pick, everything went as expected with the Phillies selecting Wichita State 3B Alec Bohm with the #3 overall pick. Bohm was widely considered the best bat in the draft. There may have been some prospects with better hit tool and some players who can compete on raw power, but Bohm’s combination of hit tool and power put him ahead of other hitters in the draft. Bohm has also shown improvement every year and has a track record of hitting with wood bats. He profiles as at least an everyday regular at third, but if he can fully tap into his raw power without sacrificing much hit tool, he could be an all-star level, middle of the order contributor. Continue reading…

Draft Day 1 Preview: Pick #3

For a team picking as high as the Phillies, it is a relatively quiet draft day. Due to the signings of Carlos Santana and Jake Arrieta the Phillies do not have their 2nd and 3rd round picks. That means their day should be over by 7:30pm eastern and not have anything draft related until the second round tomorrow. The loss of the picks (and their associated slot amounts) means that the Phillies are also not really able to pull off any shenanigans with bonus manipulations. There is a chance their first pick will be over or under slot, but that won’t be to float a specific player down the draft, rather it will allow them or prevent them from being flexible on the rest of day two and greatly affect what they can do in the 11th round on Day 3 (more on that when we get to day 3). Continue reading…

This One Is Going to Hurt, Hoskins’ Jaw Injury Force Cozens to the Majors

It didn’t take long for the buzz of an exciting call up for Mitch Walding to wear off. It appears that Rhys Hoskins was misdiagnosed when it looked like he had dodged major injury from a foul ball to the face, because instead of being day to day he has a fractured jaw and will be out for an unknown period of time. As I detailed yesterday, the Phillies don’t actually have a lot of options for position player call ups. So the Phillies are calling up the one guy I said was not ready in 2012 2nd round pick Dylan Cozens. Continue reading…